democracy is so overrated

I would react faster than anyone else in this world and I would fight... at least then, all of humanity won't have to take part in this. Isn't that good?

I don’t like being the center of attention…I don’t like opening my birthday presents in front of people, either.

I WILL TAKE YOUR THRONE the tale of a queen’s descent into darkness; for the clever young girl who has always been underestimated; for the princess that learned a long time ago just what she is capable of.

"what is a queen without her king," you ask? unstoppable. vicious. elegant. prosperous. this is your throne, and you have come to conquer. [listen] [download]

Now, say my name.
You’re  Heisenberg.
You’re goddamn right.

It happens in the last episode, so I was reading all the scripts and I got to the page where it says, ‘Jojen gets stabbed repeatedly in the stomach.’ I thought, That’s OK. I’ll be fine because no one’s told me yet and I’m not dead in the books. I’ll be fine.

“So I keep reading and see, ‘Meera comes over and slits his throat.’ Then I thought, Well, I’m amongst all these White Walkers. Maybe the plan is to turn me into a White Walker — that would be really, really cool. Then, that little girl comes out, throws a Molotov cocktail, and I burst into flames. That’s when I knew I was definitely, definitely dead. Dead. Properly dead.

Thomas Brodie Sangster on how he found out Jojen was getting killed off earlier than in the books (x)